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Shades of Blue

The Lymm Big Sing Choir are backed by an amateur vocal group called Shades of Blue.

'Shades of Blue' was originally formed around 2012 as a five-part vocal backing group for the Lymm singer-songwriter Helen Monks.  (Three of the original five members had formerly belonged to the  vocal group 'Amicus' who performed many times in Lymm Festivals.)

At that time they were given the name Five Shades of Blue, but as the group gradually increased in size, the number was dropped.

Even though the current members are all fairly young, most of them have had many years' experience singing in this type of group, some since their schooldays.

Shades have been taking part in Lymm Big Sing concerts since 2012, but from Summer 2014, they have been included as a backing group in the choir items, giving a much bigger dimension to the choral sound. 


They also perform on their own in the concerts as a separate 'A Capella' group.

Their 'A Capella' repertoire has included Lennon & McCartney's 'Michelle' and the Michael Buble song 'Haven't Met You Yet'.  More recent additions are: Stevie Wonder's jazzy 'Sir Duke', the vibrant Lennon & McCartney hit 'Got to Get You into my Life' and the beautiful, haunting Billy Joel Song 'And So It Goes'. 

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